Use – Borrowing and Renting


To experience the qualities of Japanese ceramics one cannot just look at them. One has to use them, feel them, touch them, eat and drink from them. Even though these ceramics are beautiful to look at sitting on a shelf, they have a humble facilitating and complementing role to fulfil in our daily lives. As a wise Japanese lady in a ceramics gallery once ensured me: “A beautiful piece of pottery is not finished until you put food or tea in it.” Please feel free to look at Efemeer’s Instagram for a recent update of examples of how these ceramics could be used

Without fear of breaking

People feel very hesitant to use/borrow/rent ceramics for fear of breaking them, and this often stands in the way of experiencing using them. But breaking things is simply a part of living! The Japanese have a beautiful technique of repairing ceramics called kintsugi, a repairing method using a gluing agent and gold. It shows that breaking something doesn’t necessarily mean the end of something. It also shows that something is worthy of repairing, and accentuates the individual way in which it was broken.

How does it work?

After you contact me we get together to discuss your personal wishes and ideas concerning the occasion, atmosphere and food or beverage you’re looking forward to serve. On the basis of these a selection will be made. Japanese meals traditionally consist of several different dishes facilitated by the different kinds of bowls, plates and cups. Efemeer also has chopsticks, chopstick holders and trays which you can use to complement the experience.

Private use – Borrowing

Duration: 1 month
Costs*: deposit: 10 euros a piece + donation: own estimation
Care: pick up, handwash and return by you

Commercial use – Renting

Duration: 1 single event (1 evening and/or one day)
Costs*: deposit: 200/300 euro + rent: 1/1,50 euro a piece
Care: pick up and hand wash by Efemeer

*If a piece happens to break the costs are 5 euro if it can be repaired and 10 euro if it cannot be repaired. In both cases all the broken pieces need to be handed to Efemeer.

Use of donations and rent

50% goes back into the collection
30% goes to a Japanese charity supporting those affected by the 2011 Tsunami
20% goes to promotional costs


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