The Collection – Japanese Ceramics

The collection

The Efemeer collection consists of items from all over Japan found at galleries, second-hand shops, kilns, markets and antique shops. It is a mix of handcrafted and machine-made pieces with a love for the first, naturally. The pieces were chosen to assemble a wide representation of the variety of qualities of Japanese ceramics, which are believed to stand out even more when they are contrasted with each other. Japan has a very rich and interesting ceramic tradition where skills are, at times, passed on for centuries from one generation to the next. It is a true joy to learn about these and to visit kilns, and speak to the ceramists and their families. Japan has many types of ceramics which are closely related to specific areas of the country based on the natural recourses and cultural influences found at that part of the country. It is the goal of Efemeer to study and visit these areas one by one. So far Efemeer has visited the Arita, Hasami, Mikawachi and Karatsu areas.

For the most recent pictures of the project, please have look on Instagram.

Click here to look through the first catalogue printed by HEMA. Note: the first page is blank but you can flip through the pages by clicking on them. The number of items in the collection has grown since this print.



The Efemeer collection is called a ‘shared collection’ not only because people can share in it by using it but also by contributing to it financially. As such it is partly crowdfunded.



…Those who are curious about experiencing the different qualities of Japanese ceramics

…Those who wish to give a true Japanese feel to their dinner party

…Those who are interested in eating mindfully

…Those who want to serve their guests in style

…Those who make food photography



Annie & Joop, Magda, Maarten, Iris, Nancy, Cindy, Fieke, Joris & Monique, JD, Daisy & Ronald, Hanne & Joop, Rob,Yuki, Thijs & Jean, Nakamura-san, Me



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