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What if I break something?

If you break something you have to return all the parts to Efemeer. If the item can be repaired by kintsugi (gold repairing method) 5 euro will be used from your deposit. If the piece cannot be repaired 10 euro will be used from your deposit.


Where can I buy Japanese ceramics?

The idea of borrowing was chosen for as a way to make the ceramics accessible to a large group of people. However, many people do become interested in buying Japanese ceramics after having seen them or experienced eating from them. And I get asked quite often if I also sell them. Unfortunately, the answer remains no. But I am very happy to refer to a number of good places from which you can buy Japanese ceramics or Dutch ones that have a Japanese feel to them.


Can I choose the pieces myself?

Yes, for individual use you can. However for larger events Efemeer will make a selection in agreement with the requirements of the organiser.


Can I put the pieces in the dishwasher?

No, all pieces need to be hand washed immediately after use, especially if liquids were used in them. For commercial use it suffices to rinse them before they are picked up by Efemeer.


I don’t live in Amsterdam, can I still borrow/rent pieces?

Yes, you can, however you will have to manage the transportation yourself.